Sun was born today in India as Swami Vivegananda


January 12 th is one of the special day in India. National Youth day. In this auspicious day our Bharath Matha gave birth to her son who can even possess the sun through his eyes.

I am just describing about the situation when Bharath Matha was ruled by english people also the important of this particular son to set the Bharatha Matha free.

This is in my Tamil language.

இந்தியர்களை ஈன்ற பாரத மாதா
ஆங்கிலேயர்களின் ஆளுமையையும்
அவ்வெள்ளயர்களின் கொள்ளையையும் நிலைகுலைய
பல பிள்ளைகளை ஈன்றும்
பய னிரா வேளையில்,
உறைந்த புதல்வர்க ளின்
சோம்பலை சூறை யாட
தாயின் விழிகளில் வடியும்
தாரைக் கண்ணீரை துடைக்க

ஓர் உதயனுக்கு உயிர் கொடுத்தாள் !


நரேந்திரன் எனும்பெயரோடு நாளடைவில்

விவேகானந்தனாய் வீரத்தை விதைத்தான்

இவஞ் சொல்லைக் கேட்க 
பகலவனும் பணி மறந்து 
பல நேரங் காத்தானே !

அவ்விதையின் விருட்சமும் விதைக்கின்றது 
இவஞ்சொன்ன வீரத்தை இன்றளவும்!

கருத்துக்களை பகிரவும் .



Real Happiness

Where is real happiness lying?

To be frank with you, I have done my engineering from the year 2006 – 2010 in Kongu Engineering College. If you ask me “In which of the days you were really been happy during college days?” ,

I could encounter primarily few days, that too all were some kind of celebrations day like Department festival, Hostel day celebration during the year end, Open house exhibition in every year in my college, Some sports events.

I consider these were my primary level enjoyment.

If you ask me to dig again, I would spot some additional days where I was happy when i was going to some movie with my friends, when I was playing cricket with my friends, casual conversation with my friends, got the perfect result during semester practical exam, got passed in all subjects with mediocre level, wandering with junior friends, attending some of the friend’s house function, got praised by some professors for some reason, etc..,

Here i consider these were my secondary level enjoyment.

The second level happiness were more later spotted than the primary level happiness I got to you here.Since, mind feels reluctant to the fetch the secondary …


because, some spiritual thing is playing around…

What is that spiritual thing?

If you ask any spiritual people, Where is real happiness lying?, they would preach

The real happiness in lying on other’s happiness around you.

The same thing is knocking us down to these answer.


In my primary enjoyment days, everybody was peak with their own happiness, when you see the person around you being happy, you happiness will be double folded. So, during the huge celebration days, everybody was happy thoroughly. So, my happiness automatically raised without no reason.

By the way, In the secondary level enjoyment days, I was only peak level whenever somebody exalting me or birthday celebration or some personal growth than the rest of the people.

Hence, my inner mind is not indexing these days were happy days during my college life.

We got the clue.The conclusion is just you got now,

The real happiness in lying in other’s happiness.So, make others happy in your own way.


Love to hear your thoughts.