Small introspection of Indian cinema protagonist


Here just we analyse virtually how our successful reigning Indian actors would lead their life after their screening life?

In Hollywood I think…

  •       The protagonist is interpreted by the audience  as deed oriented.
  •       What the protagonist plays in his role, that he would be intercepted by the audience.

Here the audience understands the deeds will vary according to circumstance.So, they would not register them mentally after some period.

In Indian cinema may be,

  •      The protagonist is interpreted as character oriented” by audience.
  •      How he has been visualized in screens, that would be noticed (instead of what he is doing, how he is doing)

So, The audience knows the character will not be changed by circumstances. So, The mental image of the protagonist is registered thoroughly in audience proportionally the roles they are playing in their screens.

The protagonist always carry some back push in their real life. But they earn damn heavy.


If Jason statham plays a leading better role in screen, No body is gonna give shit about his real life.But For Rajini kanth some shit is watching his on-screen and off-screen both..

So, What the Indian actors may miss in their life?

The good successful Indian actor will reign many thing in his life, he can cover almost everything fairly. But what he will miss is just his life. Because, he (freedom) is scrutinized damn heavily. Possibly they could feel like, consider the kind of feeling, if you are put at any isolated island and parallel you are watched by front camera.

How they can get back, what they miss?

If the audience starts to recognize the traits between off-screen and on-screen.

May be you can refer this video clip (in Tamil by Rajinikanth), relevant speech starts from 14 th minute

[link is not available since the video was removed originally]

The South Indian reigning hero Rajinikanth reveals his feelings heart-out manner.

So, the moral is

Everybody loses something, parallelly gaining something

If you don’t understand the value of gained, you are poor.

if you over estimate of what you have, you are arrogant.

If you keep thinking of what you lost, you are miserable.

if you understand the right value of what you have currently, you are the rich and strong.

So, How to know what is right?

so, start spiritual learning.(Seeing the things as they are and your body, heart, eyes, hands, each organ will start listen,learn and follow)

The things can be money, people, love, respect even fear, peace, patience etc..


Please register your perception


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