Real Happiness

Where is real happiness lying?

To be frank with you, I have done my engineering from the year 2006 – 2010 in Kongu Engineering College. If you ask me “In which of the days you were really been happy during college days?” ,

I could encounter primarily few days, that too all were some kind of celebrations day like Department festival, Hostel day celebration during the year end, Open house exhibition in every year in my college, Some sports events.

I consider these were my primary level enjoyment.

If you ask me to dig again, I would spot some additional days where I was happy when i was going to some movie with my friends, when I was playing cricket with my friends, casual conversation with my friends, got the perfect result during semester practical exam, got passed in all subjects with mediocre level, wandering with junior friends, attending some of the friend’s house function, got praised by some professors for some reason, etc..,

Here i consider these were my secondary level enjoyment.

The second level happiness were more later spotted than the primary level happiness I got to you here.Since, mind feels reluctant to the fetch the secondary …


because, some spiritual thing is playing around…

What is that spiritual thing?

If you ask any spiritual people, Where is real happiness lying?, they would preach

The real happiness in lying on other’s happiness around you.

The same thing is knocking us down to these answer.


In my primary enjoyment days, everybody was peak with their own happiness, when you see the person around you being happy, you happiness will be double folded. So, during the huge celebration days, everybody was happy thoroughly. So, my happiness automatically raised without no reason.

By the way, In the secondary level enjoyment days, I was only peak level whenever somebody exalting me or birthday celebration or some personal growth than the rest of the people.

Hence, my inner mind is not indexing these days were happy days during my college life.

We got the clue.The conclusion is just you got now,

The real happiness in lying in other’s happiness.So, make others happy in your own way.


Love to hear your thoughts.


Our India is special in my opinion

I am a 23 year sapling and I have some thought about my India.

In my India we might have been facing many issues,but here I am gonna show my gratitude to my India.

Thoughts about India shortly:

    • I am an Indian.I love my country.
    • It gives the full prosperity life to my hereditary generation. Good mind, better ancestors, best preaching by multiple religions for our unique people, Enough ways to work for food,Simple shelter, Multiple capability young minds, A lot of Inspirational people and things around you always, Animals with pride, Aha climate circumstances for the living things, indeed satisfying life teaching souls like birds, flowers, farmers, breeze, rivers, These all are surrounding in my country pleasantly very well.
    • We have to delegate our gratitude to have born in this country.
    • We people are unique, even we have separate religion and linguistic through out the country.It could be only country which has many languages(more than 20) spoken in every region,still we are standing together as an Indian.
    • We have known the value of freedom well enough.Our ancestors shed blood fighting for freedom, we had been slave for over many years, starving for food,struggling the entire generation, because of these sacrifices done by our ancestors we have been such a peaceful evolution to taste this fruit life. We respect our elders and ancestors always.
    • We salute to our army. The Indian army is the courageous crew we know,we are searching the ways to serve our country, of course lot of competition among young bloods to place the better position on service level to our people.we are building stronger day by day to protect weak and innocent people in our country.we have ready to die attitude.
    • We got inspirational leaders.There are many leaders who represented their idea in our country, identifying the idea, living though it, fighting for it in selfless way for the people only.As for as many leaders could be found in India simply like Vivekananda,Kamarajar, Mahatma Gandhi, Nethaji, Patel, Periyaar, Bhagat singh etc..(not mentioned all here) They are truly inspirational.

Population power in India:

India gave birth to almost 1.2 billion humans.

In this 30% of humans are young bloods less than 30 years.Young can posses the control of nation elegant.Out of 30% young minds 15% if could have started working on the welfare of nation.It would be more than enough to produce the products which are required for the people widely in the world I hope.

Research in India:

Here, there are lot people have been researching and working hard thoroughly.Indians contributions are much more used across the world but, we are not sure it is helping for our India. If you take well researching organization or area anywhere across the globe like NASA, Microsoft, Intel..etc. Indians are involving with their own blood and muscles which was given by mother India. So,No doubt in that they have power to be core part of the system.

Military operations in India:

It has been the voluntary service. It has never imposed on youths, but Still our youths are very curious to get opportunity to serve for our India.It has been getting modernized with help of volunteer peers, The military system which was emerged here. In ancient period, the Mahabharata war, Chandragupta Mauryan military system which had been maintained with elephant force, horse force, archery etc..

The world military system are discovered by the inspiration of Indian origin military system

Ancestor contribution for evolution in India:

The civilization had happened a long back in India than the other places.

The powerful thoughts are sleeping in Indian genes.

Astonishing Leaders in India:

India proud of these women

We have powerful women leaders who fought for our country.Mainly I would like to mention  Vijaylaxmi Pandit, Sarojini Naidu, Jhansirani and the woman who stood the symbol of love across the world annai(mother) theresa 

There are lot of leaders who lived in their idea.Just for example I want to show one person with this video, have little patience to start this video

I am just adding footage of one leader from south India who gave free education and food to Tamilnadu children


We would tell our India is center to the earth.We believe core power is originating from here.Our mother India has given life to us.So, Our life is also for our mother India’s wealth. We will not let her down in anyways.We will put our contribution to make our mother India healthy as much as we can. Despite our multilingual approach, We will be unique to make our country proud in the earth. Our mother India will give the unique salvation to everybody in their life.

yes, obviously Aren’t we special who was born in this very special country?…

(Leader) Kamarajar life movement extended clips…

In Tamil,

Love to hear your feedback