We have to learn something from these living people isn’t?

Abdul kalam

Ofcourse He is a leader
He promotes “Learning” + “Hardwork” + “Preseverance” among students
He always wants to see the better India
He is ready to give the solid food for you if you are ready to accept it.
He is the most valuable Indian



A R Rahman

I never heared the word “oscar” even not more than five times from his mouth when he won.
I have never seen the expression of oscar winner from him
But all other people used to talk a lot than him

Sachin Tendulkar

I never seen the satsfaction for his achievements
I think even if you allow him to bat for local street match,I bet he will be hungry

Kamal Hassan

This person wants to learn more.Whenever he talks he says I am learning.
I love learning through cinema.
Want to try something always special eventhough he lost manytimes.
Learning to direct a movie,learning to write a song,learning to sing a song etc…
He increases his vision day by day


Love to hear your opinions.