May this is a special moments

Today is the day I got up earlier and did few minutes exercise then took hot  bath ,after weared a new dress started to walk towards holy place.I got awesome feel there by looking the people around me and I quite excited  in their expressions on their, NO STRESS relieved very nice.

Took a walk around Himayayhnagar.When I was walking along the road suddenly I wanted to go for SWAMI VIVEGANANDA MISSION.excitation increased into me.

SWAMI VIVEGANANDA mission was very peaceful.I walked slowly and oveeviewd few books in the book stall.Thrived by grasping the messages. got a book (HEALTHY MIND & HEALTHY BODY)  then did very minute meditaion. Right after felt very hungry.making myself sure about peaceful mind,slowly i was moving out.

God gifted me four idlis for 14 rs. Accepted  it with pleasure and turned back to home with great pleasure.

Today I feel like winning the game.

Yeah may be because of the day I was born.:-)

Awesome words from my family and friends early.

I wish all should be driving their moments  peacefully 🙂

Thank god for this wonderful day 🙂


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