we are also the part of the (bad)system

why this shit happened?

First of all,i have to give my strong condolences and prayers to reach her soul into peace space.we pray our god.

Here we are going to talk about the innocent 23 year indian women who was brutally gang raped and assaulted.

I hope everybody put down some tears after hearing this saddened news atleast in their great mind.

So, now The entire India thrives suddenly and forcibly to react something..something..

due to this One policeman was died.I don’t know about the actual reason.But i think this is also a mistake happened for the other mistake

What is the Solution for this?


Even if you are not willing to help for the victims. Atleast you should not give the hand for victimizers to stimulate their intention.

Why indian government gives a hand to srilankan government? Is this denotes justice?

So, What are we thinking now?

How to punish the victimizers to stop further?

This is may be good to stop the humiliated thinking in India.yeah,we may have to give the big mark for the victimzers.

So, where we blame about these all causes?

somebody may give the answer is “Government”

But my point is NOT only government.We are also the part of the system so,we have to blame our-self first.
Why we?

This is not the advice for you.This is one of the reason for the mistakes.By losing these things we lost our sister today

Basically we are the selfish shadows.short thinkers also the betrayers.

Think a minute.

we have to agree..no way.

you are Killing
you are Killing


Short thinking:

If you are a parent, Have you ever thought about self-control to your child?

Have you ever correcting your son/daughter’s mistakes and watching his/her progress?
Have you ever been thinking your son/daugher learning the proper education or awareness thinking at their present age apart from deep academics?

Have you inspired your child by being example of having good attitude?

We are lagging in these things.

A Great attitude,Good thinking,Better inspiration is always needed for everybody as i know.

To obtain these things we don’t have to be rich or degree holder or any power holder.

Even if you are doing low level job in terms of earnings still you can teach easily to your child.

I am trying to say build the better character first at least for your child then focus the rest things next like education blah..blah


If you switch on your tv or if you are watching any modern movie in india, it is collapsed with masalas ,racism scenes,assault actions etc…every thing is negative and impacts huge cost(yeah our sister)


Did we ever raise our voice against this?

No.we are adopting it

we are targeting business without even considering basic ethics.

we need a ethical media which shapes our country.Currently priority organization is very poor.
In media we have good and bad.I am trying to say we need to try to reduce the bad part.

For example,

1.Sachin hits century
2.One Indian masala movie was released consider some thing.
3.President Abdulkalam successful tips
President Abdul kalam is asking the young generations to do (Hard work,Preseverance,Reading habit) to get success
4.Murder or Racism (some brutal incident)
5.Business News

Which one of the above should be reached first and strong in people’s mind?

Anything except 2,4 I feel

Here also we do mistakes I feel.

if you have any better idea you can share


We are classified our self.Are we being unique?

We are classifying ourself as much as possible by color,language,money..blah..blah

If any body immensively affected by some incident,first we think about the person whom belongs to where..everything..

we are making the problem by not actually making the problem,by avoiding to make the humanity thing that should be happened there.

So , These qualities cost a young indian women death.Even after she was thrown from bus.we were waiting some hours to hand by the police

So conclude , we are also the victimizer sort of.

We have to accept it if you really felt bad about this racism and thinking deeply to kill it completely.

We have to contribute to our society at something in somewhere,we have to live up the idea of Being love and compassion with the animals ,Shaping better attitude,Helping each other without any expectations.

Without these idea we are also the brutal animal.A lot of probability is there to make the mistake like this one which impacts a huge.

Shape our character and Shape our country

Thanks for your time.If you have any thoughts love to hear here


May this is a special moments

Today is the day I got up earlier and did few minutes exercise then took hot  bath ,after weared a new dress started to walk towards holy place.I got awesome feel there by looking the people around me and I quite excited  in their expressions on their face.so, NO STRESS today.got relieved very nice.

Took a walk around Himayayhnagar.When I was walking along the road suddenly I wanted to go for SWAMI VIVEGANANDA MISSION.excitation increased into me.

SWAMI VIVEGANANDA mission was very peaceful.I walked slowly and oveeviewd few books in the book stall.Thrived by grasping the messages. got a book (HEALTHY MIND & HEALTHY BODY)  then did very minute meditaion. Right after felt very hungry.making myself sure about peaceful mind,slowly i was moving out.

God gifted me four idlis for 14 rs. Accepted  it with pleasure and turned back to home with great pleasure.

Today I feel like winning the game.

Yeah may be because of the day I was born.:-)

Awesome words from my family and friends early.

I wish all should be driving their moments  peacefully 🙂

Thank god for this wonderful day 🙂