This is also Ambition

My dear people,

i request you to spend your some valuable time with me.

Sweet cherry wipes ur worries

I(cherry) and you (Tom) are gonna chat now.please respond

cherry: Hi How r u m dear TOM?
tom : yeah me good what about you?

cherry: yeah me too!!
What you r gonna do here after in your life?

tom : yeah, ofcourse i am gonna have a good life!beautiful life with my family members!!

Cherry : Is it? Good to hear!! All the best!! What are you step plans for that?

tom : yeah,I have buy own big house and have to get Lambergini.These are my primary things to get for my life.

cherry: oh!! superb!! New House!! New Lambergini !! with New wife .Enjoying the life ah?

tom : ofcourse that is the purpose of life you know. right?

cherry : yeah that is correct!! Go ahead!! Is there anything else you have for future apart from these?

tom : Not sure!! These are in my queue currently!!

Ok Cherry! what about you my dear? Do you wanna suggest anything?

cherry : Not like that, I have tought something wider from you! since, I have seen some people around here.They have the enough talents,capacity.but,why they are
still lacking? I mean even they are not able to acheive not even set their dreams like yours? sorry for the distracting you!!
Do you think they lost something important?

tom :  It is nice turn cherry!! I don’t think they can achieve or grow huge bulky movement.I see the problem is with their parents,teachers,environment!!(society)

cherry: Okay society means? Why this society makes the difference between you and them? it should treat all are same right? Why the society not leading them like it is leading you?

  tom : Sorry,I am not understood?

cherry: Let me explain it.
Do you think every one in our society getting good education with proper food? Answer is No. There is not much quality from Govt side.Do you agree?
Where is the money the quality is there. It is the problem every one agree right? For this we can’t blame anyone.because everyone is the reason            including us if you think in deep.

tom : Is this the reason?

cherry : That quality only sets the dream, future,culture, everything.

tom: Good move.So, What we can do?

cherry: Nice question. Why we need to expect our Govt to do these think from the so long long period? Why can’t we provide to our people ?

tom :  you mean we are going to do othe Govt duties?

  cherry:    yes.We can organise ourselves whoever willing to take a movement  OR SEE THE CHANGE in our society.Here we could only provide the basic things.We can’t expect any power here(WE CAN”T PUNISH ANY ONE). Basic things means (EDUCATION, FOOD, WATER, POWER,ETC..)..

I Love the service

Earth Enjoys January 12

ஜனவரி 12 நாள் நடந்த அதிசயம்

இரு கதிரவன் ஒரே வேளையில் உதித்த நாள்
ஒருவன் தினம் வரும் தினசரி கூலி
மற்றவன் தான் அவனையும் மிஞ்சும் ஆழி விழி
விவேகானந்தன் என்னும் பெயரில்!!