Hair loss avoidance

Hi dude,

  • Nowadays i am loosing my also changing to white.what would be the reason for that?
  • No feeling bad and sad always?
  • Not to refuse to be diet?
  • Not to take unnatural foods often like chemical cool drinks like Thumsup,& up etc?
  • wash hairs properly or massaging atleast 4 days of week?
  • Give preference to curd,carrot,fruit juices,green leafs..
  • Would it be the reason for this cause?
  • Is this the way to preven thoroughly?
  • Need a yoga?
  • This is about blood circulations over scalp through brain?
  • Or this would be happening for the cause of family relational hierarchy?
  • Need any medical or aayurvedic medicines?

Need the answers!!


Why I am doing this?

This is the biggest and deepest think Mostly,we don’t know the answer for our daily activities

We are giving the least preference for this question but this is the very important question

why i am sharing this

Daily we want to do more things than the previous day.we will try it also.But probably we don’t know why we are doing this?why we have started this process?why we have been doing for longterm? I don’t know about you my friend,But I was being like that after a certain period only i came to realize that from some starting period to particular time i have done many things on my daily movement related to my knowledge,exercise,walking,eating,sleeping,etc…At the most I was not aware of the purpose of what i am doing.

saving time not loosing time

In my perspective the reason for knowing the purpose is it will save your time not that will reduce the can take your own to know the sole purpose of what you are doing.But eventually you should know that full will give the direction on a exact location that your mind searching.Unnecessarily you won’t do the irrelevant mistakes so,you won’t loose much energy and will get some extra time to move to further level.this is what i am getting in my perspective.

similar that know your sole purpose of your aathma!