i series magic Story ..But True

                 One day people were running for something….,Suddenly a man stopped to run and started to think “why we are running now?” and He didn’t suppose to do it for someting to get.Then he alone turned and started to walk another direction.Even people got to laugh on him.

                Then some days later,gradullay people started to turn their’s direction to run towards the turned guy who grown with hair lost and lighty whity beared.That man was doing some magics and gave that magics to that fellow people.That people also started to enjoy with them.Then the count was increased to get into that guy.

                Then the running laughed people are telling themselves, “i wanna achieve like him”,even if it doesn’t possible atleast they want to taste his magics called iTunes,iPod,Ipad….”-That guy made the people to believe his worthness.really he is a strange in this world.He finished his job none other than iSteve.The shocking people are handless!!

                   You lived 56 odd years..Is it possible to reach even if someone takes 100??!!!….






THANKS JOBS..who Created the Job ..