Need answers Genuinely

Hi friends,

Suddenly i have been facing some situations in life currently? just it is going with suffering.I couldn’t able to face the challenges hopefully with the confidence in the pressure situation and when i am thinking on it My thinking process almost gets,my mind getting peaceless one.

I hope you would have faced many challenges in your life and Hopefully you crossed successfully with that knowledge.

Could you please give the answer in your way? I am eagerly waiting for your suggestions, please share it freely and consider me as your friend?

What will you do when you face a new problem which has to be solved asap? and How you will approach 
on that?

How will you react when your surroundings irritates you?

How will you start to learn the complete new things for your life?

Do you suffer when you handless?Suppose if you suffer How will you see the situation?

How you will get the inspiration for your life frequently?

How do you want to live in the life?what you are expecting in your life? what you r doing to get it?

How to set a goals to life? and How to identify the best goal?How the goal has to be in your terms?

I am getting bad impression on me by a lot of people? How i have to handle it?

what is confidence?

Is your confidence constant?How you will build the constant confidence?

How you are getting the oppurtunity? or How you will make it to prove you?

How to live a happy life? how to diminish the sorrows in your life?
I want the answers from your interior mind genuinely.
I am happy if you share it by learning from some books also.

Hint: you can answer with the above question infront of your answer in your comment
I thank you for your time.

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