College life is Different for me

Hi friends,

Good noon to all,I am very happy to put about my life,Nowadays i like to read the books NAMBIKKAI,THANNAMBIKKAI,related books
I don’t afraid for my failures and The College life was entirely different,i started my college life after my higher secondary,here i need to covey my thanks to my Tamil sir Mr Kandhasamy who worked as a Tamil teacher in Govt Hr Sec School at namakkal north

Entering to coll…

In my first year I simply came to class even i was alone at that time too,i was feared since Tamil medium student,had worked hard for memorising the questions ….that s so tough ….

I had a lot of good lecturers by EG sir,EDC,….PHYSICS….thanks to every one including maths HOD…

I got so fuss even in my each lab specially in Physics lab ,I was a single boy doing a special experiment alone without the knowledge of it….if you see in one phase it seems funny…

In my hostel enjoyed really..watching TV(WWE),went to senior room some days…,

simple racking….incredible moments…finally i got 77 percentage in first year

Finished first yeAR…

When I consider about second year my style went low in knowledge level,some lazyness has been that time my friends had started to acquire knowledge about technically ..even i panicked at that time….then i bought a system…started to acquire knowledge….was going with my own style…

In my third year ..learning thirst was increased..was doing nicly…learning…learning…learning…curve raised….happied….excited….thank you third year….

Final year some facts happened for positive as well as negative side too…

Negative didn’t get placed in some of the companies..I didn’t worry for that..but i have worked…i have done a project own..need to be improved in that area too..

My seniors have helped a lot….i have shared anything with them…thanks to my senior brothers….

abstract of my coll…


” My college life approximately equals to the abstract class”

Eventually college life finished well Thanks to each person who were as a part of in my college life including gate watch man,mess workers….all of the members for helped me to finish it successfully ….many responsibilities are waiting outside of the gate for me 😉 gonna to carry on 😉 meet you guys on next post [-)


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